New Hair and FOTD

Hello lovelies!
So I had a bit of a hair disaster last night. I decided to dye my hair a darker brown because the brown my hair was wasnt actually my natural colour and the roots were on full display. phew!

So I dyed it the 'Natural Dark Brown" from Nice & Easy.
I have tried many many brands of home dying hair colours and I quite like this one. Also because it was 2 for €11 in Boots but more on that later.

I was shocked to find that when I rinsed, it was BLACK. Dark dark black. I haven't had black hair since I was about 16, and im naturally reaaaaally pale, so I was not happy. Its actually Jet Black! OMG.

Anyways, I was a bit unhinged as I wanted everything to be perfect for my 21st which is this weekend :)

I woke up this morning and slapped on a bitta tan, and I instantly felt better.
The colour seems to look better with a tan than my pasty skin!
Note to self: Book Spray Tan tomorrow.

Anywho, here is what it looks like. Im not gonna try lighten it, I think I'll just work with it.

Agh! Im still undecided after seeing that pic, ha obv wearing black doesnt help.

Forced Smile:

I look very Carla from Coronation St. Hmmm.. Yes Aoife keep telling yourself that!

Clinique Repairwear Foundation in Beige
No 17 Face Powder
MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach (thanks Cami!)
MAC eyeliner Teddy
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Body Shop Passionberry Lipbalm

Have a good week lovelies! :) x


  1. It looks really shiny and glossy!Is the colour designed to fade a bit? You can get away with some really dramatic lipsticks etc with this hair colour I think x

  2. I used the same hair dye before and my hair went black too! It really actually suits you though and I agree with Eemas that you can get away with brighter lipsticks :) x

  3. That is so annoying! The same thing happened to me using a L'oreal one. I've heard washing your hair with anti dandruff shampoo is meant to help get rid of colour. It's worth a shot!

  4. That ALWAYS happens to me! I think it suits you though, it really brings out the blue in your eyes :)

  5. OMG i *HEART* it!! It's gorge! That's the glossy black shade I am trying (and failing!) to achieve!

  6. You look great!:D The hair color brings out the blues in your eyes!:D

    Happy Monday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. It looks lovely darling, being different will be a good thing on ur old birthing day! The tan is good & makes u look non goth like. Your hair looks really glossy & in great condition too

  8. The same thing happened to me. I have to dye my hair light ash brown to get the dark brown effect.
    Hope you have a fab time at your 21st xx

  9. it looks cute!

  10. Omg Aoife This Is Fab :)
    Such A Gorgeous Shine Off Your Hair And It Also Brings Out The Colour Of Your Eyes.
    I Think It Really Suits You :)
    Oh And I Hope You Have A Fab Birthday
    This Weekend :) X